Top 7 Foods That Detox Your Body by Eating

Sprouting brown rice's high fiber content aids in waste elimination and toxin reduction. Sprouted brown rice has more nutrients than white rice since it has the embryo and bran layers. 

Ginger's diastase and protein-dissolving enzymes aid bowel motions and detoxification. The odor of garlic comes from “allicin,” which is antibacterial and antiseptic.

High-fiber tropical fruits like pineapple and mango absorb and remove internal toxins.  Pineapples are rich in vitamin B1, which boosts metabolism and reduces weariness.

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Catechin is a powerful antioxidant in green tea. It makes green tea taste bitter and prevents free radical damage, aging, and cancer. 

Duck flesh is high in unsaturated fatty acids, low in toxic oils, and helps remove pollutants. It increases immunity, restores energy, and avoids blood clots. 

Traditional medicine uses corn silk, the silky threads around maize kernels, as a herb.Corn silk extract activates enzymes that eliminate sugar poisons, reducing the toxicity caused by sugar overconsumption.

Limonoids give lemons and oranges their bitter flavor. Antioxidants like limonoids activate detoxification enzymes to remove toxins. 

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