6 "Healthy" Breakfast Cereals with Doughnut-Level Sugar

These nutritious cereals are tasty, but their sugar content may not be ideal for breakfast. Continue reading for more and breakfast bowl alternatives.

Each person has a preferred Frosted Mini Wheats method. You may soak them in milk to make them mushy or eat them straight from the package for a crunchy snack. Frosted Mini Wheats are heavy in sugar, thus they may not be a daily staple. Twenty-five biscuits include 210 calories and 12 grams of added sugar.

Many American families love Honey Nut Cheerios, a sweet, crunchy cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios have been linked to health advantages for years since their sister cereal, plain Cheerios, was promoted for heart health.

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With phrases like "granola," "almonds," and "oats," Quaker Oats cereal may seem like a nutritious breakfast. Although it contains whole grains and healthful fats, the cereal has 13 grams of sugar every ⅔-cup serving (10 grams of which are added).

Bear Naked makes granola and oatmeal treats and promotes natural foods. While these tasty granolas are fantastic treats, eating a bowl of Fruit and Nut Granola every morning will add a lot of sugar to your diet.

Many believe Raisin Bran is a healthful cereal with "good for you" components. Raisin Bran is full of vitamins and minerals, but this Crunch includes 19 grams of sugar (13 grams added) every 1-cup serving.

Enjoying these bubbles in the morning or evening will pink up your cheeks. We allow you to blame all that shoveling.

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