5 Pantry Foods You Shouldn't Have

Meat, fish, and dairy belong in the fridge. Incorrectly keeping other substances may surprise you.

 Discover which items should be kept out of the pantry or cabinet to prolong their freshness and prevent harmful microorganisms.

Dates should be stored in the fridge, even though other dried fruit can be stored in the pantry. This is because dates are less dehydrated than cranberries or apricots. 

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Whether Dijon or wholegrain, mustard's preservatives make it safe to store in the cupboard after opening. However, refrigerating open mustard jars improves quality. 

Due to its high sugar content, jam may not deteriorate if stored in the cupboard after opening. You should keep it in the fridge. 

After manufacture, US eggs are sterilized to destroy microorganisms and weaken the shell. You should keep them cold to prevent bacteria from returning. 

Opened red bottles should be refrigerated, defying wine convention. Once opened and exposed to oxygen, wine can quickly change color, flavor, and mouthfeel and become vinegar. 

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