Sagittarius Loves Deeply

Sagittarius is a fire sign, thus they're energetic and passionate. Jupiter—the planet of riches, intelligence, and luck—rules those born November 22–December 21.

One of the major Sagittarius misconceptions is their fear of commitment owing to their independence. They appreciate mobility, yet they can and will settle down.

Sagittariuses love unplanned road trips and exotic vacations with their companions.

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Don't think Sagittariuses only love by taking you on infinite excursions. Communication is another key to their interactions. Sagittarians love intellectual stimulation.

The Sagittarius are known for their honesty. Straight-shooters call it like it is, for better or bad. This honesty permeates their connections.

Sagittarius always evolves and discovers themselves. Their intellectual character drives them to study and grow. Getting information isn't lonely.

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