7 best cat breeds for inside

The hairless Sphynx, known as the ‘velcro cat’ for its tendency to attach to its owner's lap, is one of the most loving cat breeds. Friendly Sphynx cats are social. They like playing but also lounging indoors.

The Ragdoll is a great starter cat for first-time owners. As their name indicates, doll-like long-haired cats are affectionate and cuddly

Scottish Folds are cute, lively pets with folded ears and yellow/orange eyes. Because they like people, these cats are good indoor cats.

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The Himalayan combines the finest of Siamese and Persian traits. They are peaceful and polite like Persians and chatty and lively like Siamese. 

In cat food, protein can originate from chicken, rabbit, deer, or duck, but “the important thing is that the sources of the raw materials be reliable and combined in a way that achieves the right balance of nutrients.”

Siamese cats are one of the nicest cat breeds, despite their bad image from Lady and the Tramp. Highly clever cats are sociable and vocal

If you dislike cats, this sociable breed will convert you. They adore humans and want to be involved in everything, making them wonderful house cats. They are loving but not clinging.

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