Astrologers' Most Unreliable Zodiac Sign

You probably think of a few individuals when you hear unreliable. You wouldn't ask them to pick you up from the airport or prepare a surprise party.

Due to their impulsivity, Aries are the least trustworthy zodiac sign. Rodriguez says they are energetic and enthusiastic initiators, but they jump before they look, making commitments without contemplating the implications.

Sagittarians adore making new friends and sharing their expertise, but their flightiness makes them hard to trust. Their location and activity are unpredictable.

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Libras evaluate all options when seeking peace and harmony. The indecision makes it hard for them to commit.

"Gemini's duality makes them as changeable as the wind," he adds. They have trouble focusing and need lots of movement. This causes them to get scattered and forget responsibilities.

Pisces, the zodiac's daydreamers, are often delusional. They appear untrustworthy because they forget plans, deadlines, and appointments.

Virgos appreciate assisting others and boast about being helpful pals. The fact that they're one of the least trustworthy zodiac signs may surprise. The issue is their perfectionist tendencies.

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