7 processed and ultraprocessed foods dietitians consume for balance

"Asparagus is a non-starchy vegetable, so it doesn't affect blood sugar as much as potatoes and corn," says Healthful Lane Nutrition creator Amanda Lane, MS, RD, CDCES.

Making your own pesto or sauce from scratch adds 10 to 15 minutes to the cooking process, and for a lot of American lifestyles that's just not realistic," Arnone.

Grasso noted dark chocolate, especially cacao bars, is antioxidant-rich. Antioxidants reduce cell damage and lessen the risk of some diseases, including coronary artery disease.

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Despite not looking like grains, Arnone said morning cereal may be nutritious because manufacturers add vitamins and minerals during manufacturing. So again, they can supplement a nutritious diet on hectic mornings.

Arnone grabs a regular cheese pizza from the grocery store and adds chopped veggies for a "pretty well-balanced" quick and easy supper.

Despite being ultra-processed, frozen breakfast sandwiches can be healthful. Grasso suggests adding avocado for healthy fats and spinach or arugula for a balanced sandwich.

Healthline says beans and legumes are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and plant-based protein.

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