7 safe, nutritious processed foods

Frozen veggies are carefully picked at their peak ripeness to replicate garden-fresh fruit. This selection is quickly flash-frozen to preserve nutritional content.

Canned beans are a staple of plant-based diet, providing protein and fiber. Their additive-free cooking and brining make them stand apart.

Greek yogurt's rich, creamy texture hides its high protein and gut-healthy probiotic content.

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Whole-grain crackers made from whole wheat, oats, and other unrefined grains are healthier than refined grain nibbles.

For convenience and health, oatmeal packages contain whole oats, almonds, and dried fruits.

Despite its simple ingredients—nuts and salt—natural nut butter is rich in nutrients. They provide vitality with nutritious fats, proteins, and minerals.

Like vegetables, frozen fruits are gathered at their ripest and frozen quickly to retain nourishment. Their vitamins and antioxidants make them excellent additions to smoothies, desserts, and snacks.

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