What a gel manicure can do for you

Gel polish, whether done at home or at a salon, lasts longer than regular nail lacquer since it's thicker and doesn't chip, break, or peel. Gel polish lasts 2-3 weeks

Gel polish dries rapidly, unlike traditional nail polish, which might take an hour. This keeps polish from smearing and damaging manicures.

Our nails need additional strength and protection as we age since they grow weaker and brittle.Gel nail treatments are wonderful for ladies over 50 since they endure, are low-maintenance, and come in trendy shapes and colors.

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Traditional manicures fade over time, while gel nails stay shiny for weeks. The color doesn't fade, so your nails stay shiny until your next session or at-home manicure.   

Another benefit of gel nails is that they appear and feel real. Gel polish is more flexible than acrylics or dip nails since it is done in 2-3 thin layers.

The strong gel top coat from curing protects your natural nails from harmful chemicals, toxins, and contaminants. Gel manicures' hardened outer layer prevents nail splitting for individuals prone to it.

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