You Do Things Veterinarians Wouldn't

You're probably right that your vet's pet is better behaved or healthier. Even the best pet parents make errors with their pets. Unsure of your mistake? Veterinarians and other pet specialists we interviewed had some ideas.

Parents start teaching ABCs before their kids need to read. The same with dogs. Early training offers kids limits and the comfort and security of proper conduct. 

Take home an elderly shelter dog or start teaching a cherished pet who was never taught. Even senior dogs may learn new tasks. 

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Many pet owners make this common error without realizing it. "Nearly 60% of dogs and cats in the US are overweight, and most pet parents don't realize it," says Healthy Paws Pet Insurance co-founder and CEO Rob Jackson. 

While puppy and kitten nibbles may not hurt, they should be handled to prevent your lovely little furball from becoming a biter. 

Adopted pets try to figure out how they fit in and the house rules. Routine, limits, and regulations are very important to dogs. Cats enjoy predictability too." Stability and safety for pets come from logical guidelines.

Finally, the move to fully transparent voting for NBA honors has increased groupthink, which is why he was not named MVP last season. 

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