Let your pet chew cat grass.

Cat grass may work better for plant-loving cats. Your cat can eat greens, despite popular perception. Gardeners who benefit from indoor gardening can help their cats.

A tray of cat grass has several benefits. Cat grass contains vitamins A and D and helps cats eliminate hairballs.

Buy cat grass seeds online or at a garden center to start. Sprinkle seeds across a pot of high-quality potting soil. Apply ¼ inch of dirt and spritz with a spray bottle.

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Place plastic wrap on top of your pot and poke a few small holes for airflow. 

 Give your cat grass two to three days on a windowsill with indirect sunshine to sprout and flourish. Remove plastic wrap when sprouts appear.

Water weekly as other houseplants.

Harvest the grass leaves at 3–5 inches height and feed them to your cat. You can also put the pot in a convenient spot for your cat to chew on!

Your four-legged companion should be allowed to chew on cat grass instead.

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