Choose houseplants that are compatible with cats.

You want the best for your cat as a pet owner. If your cat keeps playing in or digging up your houseplants, make sure they're safe.

You may not know that many houseplants are hazardous to cats and can damage them.

Cats are naturally curious and will investigate plants you bring home.

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Exploring different plants and sampling their stems and leaves might cause major health issues and death if you don't stick to non-toxic houseplants.

If you have a cat or dog and many houseplants, you should know which are toxic to cats.

Spider plants, Boston ferns, baby rubber plants, parlor palms, Areca palms, prayer plants, Christmas cacti, and African violets are popular cat-safe houseplants.

Some produce spoils faster at room temperature. For best freshness, store root vegetables like potatoes, yams, and onions in a cool, dark spot and fruits like berries and apples in the fridge.

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