A Bloomin' Onion Can't Compare to This Soup From Outback Steakhouse 

On those chilly winter nights when you just want something hearty and satisfying to warm you up, this flavorful soup is perfect.  

The main meals are delicious, but the French fries are what really make a fast food joint good in our book.  

Like the Bloomin' Onion, another Outback specialty, it has a strong onion flavor.  

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The most popular item on the menu, it's best enjoyed with a friend or two because it's hefty and dense when eaten by itself.  

Onion and the French Onion Soup, so if you're a fan of either of those dishes, you should definitely swing by and try it.) 

On the other hand, if it is chilly outside and you would much prefer be tucked indoors in a big blanket with a fire going, 

In addition to being creamy and filling, it packs a flavorful punch with only a few ingredients. 

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