A handful daily lowers cholesterol rapidly.

Everyone has a favorite snack. However, taste and nutrition should be considered when choosing it. Finishing popcorn before a movie is easy. But wouldn't it be fantastic if such excess was beneficial?

Popcorn, chips, fries, and chocolate-covered cookies are unhealthy. This basic reality is worth reiterating sometimes. When you need a snack, what should you get? Choose nuts! Almonds—the healthiest. This combines health advantages with delightful flavor.

Almonds are good in fall and winter, when colds and flu are common. Why? Almonds meet most "anti-cold diet" requirements. They include vitamin E, folic acid, flavonoids, and unsaturated fats. Still more.

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Vitamin E is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. What does this imply practically? ALMAL "prolongs youth". Vitamin E prevents cell damage and delays skin aging. Therefore, almond oil, which keeps skin tight and fights wrinkles, is commonly made from almonds.

High bad cholesterol can cause strokes and pancreatitis. With almonds, this problem is important. The unsaturated fatty acids in almonds have a clinically proven influence on cholesterol.

According to dietto.pl, eating 1.3 ounces (about one handful) of almonds daily reduces "bad" cholesterol by 4%. 

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