Make These Air-Fryer Snacks Daily

One of the easiest air-fryer snacks to make. Take store-bought corn tortillas, slice them into triangles, coat them with cooking spray, sprinkle them with salt, and air fry for 10 minutes.

Fresh chicken wings are excellent for this. Cook frozen chicken wings in an air fryer using these instructions.

Save time by making a few batches of this easy air-fryer garlic bread and freezing the extras for nights you don't want to cook.

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This delicious recipe features shredded coconut and panko bread crumbs

This air-fryer appetizer is perfect for nights when you want spanakopita but don't want to cook.

Air fryers may transform avocado. Your pals with dietary limitations can enjoy this two-ingredient keto and gluten-free meal.

It takes an air fryer, box grater, and cheesecloth to make this dish. The veggie-packed, healthful air-fryer snack tastes like pizza.

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