Cat Breeds That Will Wow You

The northeastern US Maine Coon is considered as the “gentle giant” among cats. Their size alone is impressive—males may reach 18 pounds and females 8–12 pounds.

Thailand, historically Siam, is home to the Siamese cat breed, one of the oldest. Their short coat, blue almond-shaped eyes, and color points on their ears, face, paws, and tail make them stand out.

A spontaneous genetic mutation gave the Sphynx breed, which originated in Canada in the 1960s, its hairless body. They have a thin covering of downy fur that feels like suede.

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The Russian Blue, from Arkhangelsk port in Russia, is a graceful breed with a blue-gray coat, muscular body, and green eyes. They're typically regarded as smiling because to their little lips upturn.

One of the oldest cat breeds, the Abyssinian, undoubtedly originated in Southeast Asia. Their warm, reddish, ticking coats, which have multicolored hair bands, distinguish Abyssinians.

The French Chartreux has a solid physique, big copper-to-gold eyes, and a velvety, water-resistant blue-gray coat.

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