Any Cat Lover Would Love These Do-It-Yourself Projects! 

Cats! They have a lot of character, are adorable, and will usually, but not always, disregard you.  

We continue to adore them, nevertheless, since life would be so lonely without them.  

Am I the only one who knows someone who has a cat? If you're a fan of felines, you might like constructing one of these nine easy projects. 

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Cats have an innate need to conceal themselves when hunting or evading prey, and they are also very independent.  

This means that even housecats are constantly on the lookout for danger. 

They constantly manage to elude detection, thus their lairs are very simple. 

You might spend hours searching the empty Amazon box you got the other day, but all you'll discover is your cat glaring at you like you're insane. 

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