Avoid Bad Nail Habits with Acrylics

You choose a nail shop. This choice will leave your nails long, groomed, and decorated, and the durability may deter you from biting them.

Nail biting is a horrible habit that can be hard to quit. According to Byrdie, nail biting can indicate untreated anxiety or tension, but chewing your nail or cuticle can relieve it.

This behavior can cause bare skin, painfully short nails, and bleeding.

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"It's body-focused repetitive behavior," Dr. Sanam Hafeez said. "Nail-biting is varied. It might range from sporadic to self-mutilating."

Dr. Vivian Diller said that chewing nails might also indicate childhood thumb sucking.

“Some women play with their hair for similar soothing results,” Diller said. Biting your nails isn't the worst habit, but it can be hard to overcome and cause bad nail outcomes.

Enjoying these bubbles in the morning or evening will pink up your cheeks. We allow you to blame all that shoveling.

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