Bad Foods for Bone Density

Many believe eating a lot of protein acidifies the blood. Your body may take calcium salts from your bones to combat acidity.

Salt can thin bones and cause osteoporosis. It's common knowledge that salt releases excess calcium.

Wheat bran's high phytate concentration may inhibit calcium absorption. Only 100% wheat bran reduces calcium absorption from other meals, unlike beans.

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Consuming too much sugar may damage bones. Sugar can reduce potassium, magnesium, and calcium levels.

It may be wise to cut back on caffeine. Like soft drinks, if you drink four cups or more of coffee a day, you should cut back.

Protein is essential for strength and wellness. Meat is the most common protein source in the US.

Cola may lower bone mineral density due to phosphorus. Phosphoric acid, found in dark colas, can cause calcium-phosphorus imbalance.

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