Baddest Shedding Dogs

This is the largest Japanese dog breed. Akita has a warm coat due to its mountainous origin. The dog has a thick double layer that sheds year-round despite its short coat.

Strong and durable, this enormous northern breed used to carry heavy freight in Alaska's harsh tundra. They have a heavy double-layered clothing to stay warm in the cold.

Its ancestors were the German Spitz and originated in Northern Europe. The pet is family- and friend-friendly.

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The Welsh dog is one of the oldest British breeds. Its medium-length coat is thick and double-layered. To protect it from the weather, the outer coat is tough but not wiry.

As its name implies, Bracco Italiano is Italian. The devoted ‘gun dog’ is used by hunters to retrieve ducks.

It was originally used to herd sheep in Belgium. After that, the dog was utilized in police duties but now does numerous dog sports and jobs. 

It was originally a northern Chinese guard dog named Songshi Quan (‘puffy-lion’ dog). Cat-like independence and pride define chow chow. He is intensely loyal to the proper person and distrustful of strangers.

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