Proven Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Feline Fine

You may question if your cat is happy and comfortable. There are many methods to keep your cat happy beyond the fundamentals. 

Cats display affection by nuzzling, stroking, and grooming, which you may do to make your cat happy. Love your cat by petting its head and cheeks. Just avoid their "off-limits" places and halt if you suspect a love bite from your cat.

Cats adore resting, and lying with their favorite human makes them happy. Cats feel comfortable and cozy when they rest on your lap or chest.

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Bring out the toys and play. Most cats favor certain toys, so watch for them. Make your own toys or use wands, crinkle balls, pompoms, and laser pointers. 

The behavior of scratching is very vital to cats. It boosts claw health and reduces stress. To prevent them from scratching your furniture, you'll need a scratching post.

Some cats flee the bush, while others enjoy it. Brushing your cat can make them happy. Hairballs may be avoided by removing stray hair from their coat. Win-win!

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