Best 2023 Breakfast Recipes

Kids love this banana muffin recipe. These banana bread muffins are like cupcakes and done in 30 minutes.

At an Amish inn, we've had some hearty breakfast casseroles. When I asked for a recipe, one lady spontaneously listed the ingredients. 

While visiting my husband's relatives in Europe, I was given this Belgian waffle recipe. Any topping tastes well on these handmade waffles: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, fried apple, powdered sugar, or whipped topping

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Of all the quick breads we had growing up, this beautiful lemon blueberry bread is the best! The citrus glaze adds a lustrous finish and locks in moisture. 

Breakfast crowds love it with bread, juice, and milk or coffee! This type of one-dish casserole helped me raise nine kids.

This eggs Benedict dish tastes like the classic without the trouble. Prepare the ingredients ahead and bake it the next morning for a luxurious breakfast or brunch.

After trying scrambled egg muffins at a nearby restaurant, I made this morning egg muffin recipe my husband likes better. Pretty, hearty, and enjoyable to serve.

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