Dinner Recipes for a Crowd

A pile of pleasant comfort. The Taste of Home Test Kitchen turned my chili sans beans into a delicious enchilada casserole.

My mom prepared homemade pizza every Friday night growing up. We'd enjoy a movie with family or friends. Now married, I continue the pizza tradition.

I made barbecue sauce-flavored pork loaf. My kids grow bored with beef meals yet keep ordering this. My dinner parties now include it. 

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A church friend sent me this delicious slow-cooked casserole recipe. This dish is always the first to go at potlucks and can be customized.

This gentle southwest dish has been a family favorite for years. It tastes great and suits our budget. Best of all, the recipe makes a second casserole to freeze and enjoy.

This meal-in-one barbecues well in a heavy-duty foil bag, making it suitable for camping after trying several bratwurst recipes.

A neighborhood restaurant served a similar dish, which I replicated. I cut it down and my family didn't mind.

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