Best Guard Dog Breeds for Family Protection

Airedales, the "king of terriers," are friendly and lively, according to, often having no "off" switch.

One of the best guard dogs is the Himalayan-bred Tibetan mastiff, which protects people and cattle. DiNardo describes this huge breed as strong-willed, possessive, cognitively acute, alert, and primal.

 If you maintain a Tibetan mastiff at home, it may not let guests. However, it will be kind with family. One of the most costly dog breeds is the Tibetan mastiff

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Caucasian shepherds are also known as Russian bear dogs, Caucasian Ovcharkas, mountain dogs, and sheepdogs

 Powerful and aggressive Caucasian shepherds have a long but complicated history as guard dogs, especially with strangers.

The AKC reports that this stocky, curly-tailed Japanese mountain dog is prized in its homeland for good health and long life

In the Middle Ages, Akitas protected the Japanese emperor and his household due to their aggressive disposition.

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