Best Non-Pie Thanksgiving Desserts

Make a simple Thanksgiving dessert table centerpiece. Melted caramel coating makes decorating this turkey cake easy, and a mix makes it fast.

We love this classic Crockpot pumpkin spice custard. The espresso powder makes it latte-like.

I made this chocolate pumpkin pastry since I love spiced pumpkin and chocolate. I sometimes add chopped crystallized ginger to chocolate ganache for taste and texture.

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Nectarines or apricots can be used, but plums with poppy seeds are the traditional Polish dessert. One tip: Avoid pushing plums into batter. Let them sit atop.

Easy apple crisp! This dish is tasty and easy for kids to make.

My husband and I hosted Christmas dinner for both families when my daughter was 4 months old.

I've never met a creme brulee that I didn't love! I'm not a big pumpkin fan, but this is fantastic 

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