high-fat meals to avoid

High-fat meals don't always make you fat, so nutrition labels might be confusing.

Butter and oil are high in saturated fat, but if you're not adding them, you may not notice. Cookies, cakes, and brownies usually include butter or oil, so eat them in moderation.

Although butter is typically added to cooked and baked items before buying them, unlike lard and shortening, it is often deliberately added to bagels, toast, rolls, and pancakes.

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Candy is high in fat and calories. The saturated fat in cocoa butter may mount up rapidly in chocolate candy.

Fat is found in potato chip oils, not potatoes. Unfortunately, eating chips by the fistful adds up to too much saturated fat.

Chicken, potatoes, onions, and other healthful items become unhealthy when deep-fried in saturated and trans fats. 

Food is bad overall. Fast food is ultra-processed, preservative-laden, sodium-rich, and high in calories, saturated fats, and trans fats

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