Candid Insights: Why Americans Keep Cats Indoors

Wildlife hazards are another reason Americans choose to keep cats indoors. Raptors, hawks, foxes, rattlesnakes, and coyotes kill cats. Also, big dogs can maul cats.

One fur baby mother in the discussion said outdoor cats live 2–5 years. Indoor cats often live 10-15 years. Predators pose a threat. Another major cat killer is traffic. Urbanites should not let cats outside.

Cats hunt efficiently. Like stray cats, allowing them to wander freely makes them extremely invasive on our continent. “They’re not one of the super devastating, ecosystem-shattering invasive species,” says one. They affect local fauna, though. Cats may wipe out native bird populations.

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Do you know someone will really steal your cat? Unfortunately, I know firsthand. Squeakers was my cat twenty years ago. This cat was evil. She quit the house.

Cats can get and carry fleas, ticks, ear mites, and worms if they roam freely. These pests may harm your pet and you. They're costly to treat.

Allowing your cats outside exposes them to rabies, toxoplasma, and FIV, as well as pests.

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