Best Senior Dog Breeds

These personality-filled little creatures stand around a foot tall at the shoulder. A Bichon is like a marshmallow or puffy jacket, so caressing or snuggling them is impossible to resist.

This breed makes a smart, playful pet that won't wear you out. French Bulldogs are heavy and ugly-cute with big ears and wrinkled features.

With adequate care, the magnificent Greyhound is a graceful sprinter that will win your heart. They love lounging at home, but too much downtime is bad for them.

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Maltese make the perfect toy dog and have one of the best coats, which needs daily grooming. This breed enjoys challenges and sheds gently.

This breed is known for its little legs and friendly demeanor. Corgis are smart and friendly, making them great house dogs.

Their herding heritage means they need exercise and enjoy duties. Corgis are alert watchdogs with a powerful bark. 

Cranberry wings bring back memories of our many parties and celebrations. My daughter's pals love these wings.

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