Best Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

Secret sweetness lurks in this Italian sausage filling. With apples and pecans, this fall favorite is a must.

This smoky stuffing is prepared faster with cornbread stuffing mix. Its savory-sweet flavor from bacon and pecans complements other Thanksgiving foods.

This stuffing is flavorful, sweet, and cheesy at its best. Canned pumpkin and cinnamon form a colorful, fragrant dish.

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The creamy beef and pork dish is spicy enough. 50 servings make you want to invite everyone to supper. Reduce the recipe by half

Beef and pork stuffings are traditional, but this recipe will spice things up this year. No need to slice oysters, oyster lovers.

No gravy needed for this creamy mashed potato filling. Add bacon and mushrooms to the two favorite Thanksgiving side dishes to make this dressing.

Pork and cranberries make this stuffing distinctive. Pecans offer just enough sweetness and crunch.

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