7 symptoms you're overhydrating

Staying hydrated is essential to a healthy lifestyle. However, you can overhydrate. Drinking too much water can induce electrolyte imbalance and slightly unpleasant to life-threatening adverse effects.

Electrolytes including potassium, sodium, and magnesium affect kidney and heart function. Too much water may deplete your electrolytes, preventing normal function.

Many people achieve their daily water needs by drinking when they're thirsty, say experts. If you're drinking water when you're not thirsty, you may be overhydrating.

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You may know that dark urine indicates dehydration, but that doesn't imply you should generate clean pee .Healthline says pale-yellow lemonade-colored pee suggests good hydration.

According to WebMD, drinking too much water can lower blood salt levels, causing headaches and nausea.

Medical News Today reports most people urinate six or seven times daily.If you need to urinate more often and wake up at night, you may be drinking too much water.

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