Every zodiac sign's worst behaviors

The best aspect of self-discovery is facing anything that may be impacting your life. Learning about how your sign tends to behave may help you get to the bottom of your problems faster, and learning why you have habits that concern you and others can help you improve them faster.

Fire signs are adventurous, brazen, and spicy, yet they burn too brightly and have heated tempers.

Aries (March 21–April 19) Aries struggle with swearing because they want to emphasize. So fiercely do they want their point across that they sometimes act without thinking.

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Leos make a tendency of staying in unhealthy employment or relationships because they dread change. They also overshare online under the pretense of “being real,” which is challenging since they take things personally and become angry if they don't get “likes.”

July 23–August 22: LeoDespite   being the most confident sign, Leos have insecure and envious behaviors. This makes looks seem important. Make sure their needs are satisfied to avoid insecurity and these tendencies.

While Sagittarius are hard workers, they may easily overwork. Impatient, they rush into things and make extra work for themselves when a strategy would have reduced it.

Finally, the move to fully transparent voting for NBA honors has increased groupthink, which is why he was not named MVP last season. 

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