Burgers America Deserve Are Available at a New Luncheonette 

George Motz is the closest thing to a celebrity that the hamburger industry has created.  

The native of Long Island has done something useful with his extensive knowledge: 

he opened a restaurant in Soho, New York, called Hamburger America, after his 2004 film of the same name.  

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The Himalayan combines the finest of Siamese and Persian traits. They are peaceful and polite like Persians and chatty and lively like Siamese. 

Just a few days ago, it opened at 51 MacDougal Street, with the entrance on Houston Street around the corner. 

It is built to look like an old-fashioned luncheonette, with a Formica counter and yellow chairs that are arranged in a cozy manner next to a flat-top griddle.  

In the early days of the establishment, Motz himself has been seen flipping burgers on the griddle. 

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