How to get good cat food

Kornreich advises consulting your vet first about your cat's age, dietary needs, and any special needs or restrictions, such as if they are pregnant or nursing .

Cats need a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals throughout their lives.

Our experts advised kittens to eat more energy-producing foods like proteins and fats, whereas elderly cats should eat less calories because they are less active.

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This label lists all ingredients and their amounts, as well as the food's life stage.Beyond that, look for these traits:

In cat food, protein can originate from chicken, rabbit, deer, or duck, but “the important thing is that the sources of the raw materials be reliable and combined in a way that achieves the right balance of nutrients.”

Natural, whole ingredients: Petco Veterinary Services regional director Shelly Ferris, DVM, advised looking for “such as fruits, vegetables and high-quality carbohydrates like rice, oats or potatoes.”

These handsome cats love spending time with their family, whether playing with their favourite toys or relaxing on your lap.

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