How to Keep Bananas Yellow

Ketchup Chips, a Canadian favorite, are acidic, sweet, and delicious. These chips from Lay's are a must-try for Canadian snackers.

Other Canadian favorites include All-Dressed Chips, which include barbecue, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar. Their nuanced and delicious taste is unique to Canada and hard to locate in the US.

A coffee-flavored wafer and light, frothy chocolate layers make Coffee Crisp a delicious chocolate bar. Coffee and chocolate lovers will adore this Canadian specialty.

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Canadian Smarties differ from US Smarties. Like M&Ms, they're candy-coated chocolate bits with a rich, creamy taste.

Hickory Sticks are thin, stick-shaped potato chips with a strong hickory smoky taste. They have a texture and taste unlike American munchies.

Joe Louis, a popular Canadian snack cake, has two red velvet cake rounds with a creamy vanilla core and a thin chocolate covering. Many Canadians enjoy it nostalgically.

Canadian crispers are a popular chip-cracker hybrid. Their texture is crispy but not like a chip or cracker.

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