Canada Has Delicious Snacks You Can't Get in the US

Ketchup Chips, a Canadian favorite, are acidic, sweet, and delicious. These chips from Lay's are a must-try for Canadian snackers.

Other Canadian favorites include All-Dressed Chips, which include barbecue, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar. Their nuanced and delicious taste is unique to Canada and hard to locate in the US.

A coffee-flavored wafer and airy, frothy chocolate layers make Coffee Crisp a delicious chocolate bar. Coffee and chocolate lovers will adore this Canadian specialty.

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Canadian Smarties differ from US Smarties. Like M&Ms, they're candy-coated chocolate bits with a rich, creamy flavor.

Glosette Raisins are large raisins coated in glossy chocolate. These little snacks are the ideal blend of fruit and chocolate.

Despite appearing in the US, Aero Bars are popular in Canada. Their frothy texture and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate make them special.

Wunderbar is a creamy milk chocolate-covered peanut butter caramel candy bar. A Canadian-inspired decadent delicacy.

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