Cat Vomiting Treatment: 5 Options

Frequent vomiting in cats is abnormal, so seek medical help. Your vet can determine the cause and treatment.

Your cat's diet may cause vomiting. Low-quality or allergic meals might cause stomach difficulties. Your vet may recommend a high-quality, species-appropriate food.

Quick fasting might assist your cat's inflamed stomach stop vomiting. Hydrate your cat with water or tuna juice after two hours of fasting. Start with a bland diet and gradually return to her normal cuisine.

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If hairballs cause vomiting, brushing regularly can help. A little olive oil or fiber in your cat's food may help with hairballs. Always with your vet before changing your cat's food.

Under your vet's supervision, try feline pheromones, Bach flower remedies, or valerian if your cat vomits during travel due to stress or motion sickness. Adjusting feeding times before travel can help.

Catnip, kefir, Bach Flower Essences, and homeopathic medicines may soothe your cat's upset stomach. Holistic vets provide customized doses.

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