The Best Fried Chicken from Fast Food Restaurants, Ranked 

In 28 states around the US, you can find the fast food joint Checkers,  

which is often called Rally's. For 37 years, they have catered to the cravings of those who love the traditional drive-thru fare.  

White flesh chicken tenders coated in the chain's unique seasoned fry batter, 

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which imparts a distinctive zesty taste, are available as "Fry-Seasoned Tenders" at Checkers.  

The chicken chunks were not as substantial as we had hoped, and the coating was on the thinner side.  

Final Thoughts: Other restaurants served better fried chicken than Checkers, even though the tenders were tasty. 

The chicken itself had a beautifully moist texture, however the skin was lacking in several respects.  

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