reasons cats are better pets than dogs

Most domestic cats will pursue mice, rats, or reptiles if given the chance, even if they are properly fed and hydrated! We know a fuzzy creature who would gladly remove little rodents from your home, albeit this is not always necessary.

Cats usually clean up better. First, cats naturally groom themselves more. Disbelieve us? Watch your cat's behavior when left alone. Thus, they are less likely to take up fleas, parasites, or ticks.

Most domestic cats live 12-14 years if well-cared for. Some may be with you for 20 years. While our other four-legged buddies live 10-13 years, this varies by breed.

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This indicates cats live longer than dogs. So you have time to make more great moments with your cat and form a deep, lifelong attachment.

Domestic cats often sleep 13–16 hours each day. As shown, that's half or more of a 24-hour day. Therefore, you may go about your business knowing your cat is happy in its own Land of Nod companionship.

Your cat will tell you when they're ready to play. This is different from dogs, which only need 12-14 hours of sleep to recuperate.

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