Chateau Potatoes Are The Buttery Side Dish You Should Know

Potatoes go with any dish, whether baked, fried, roasted, mashed, or crushed. If you want to put more effort into your meal, there are side dishes like au gratin potatoes, but have you tried chateau potatoes? If not, try the buttery, silky side dish with diverse flavors and textures.

Chateau potatoes, or pommes château, are a traditional French side dish that originated in the Napoleonic era and were eaten with chateaubriand, a tenderloin cattle from France, considered the most tender cut of beef available.Apparently, Titanic first-class passengers were fed them.

What elevates these potatoes in culinary history?Because of how they're cooked, they may have the optimum crispiness and tenderness.The potatoes are parboiled then simmered in butter to crisp the outside, although there are variants on this meal, including which potatoes to use.

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When choosing potatoes, most recipes recommend fresh or red, depending on market availability. This tasty side dish may be made with any waxy potato, even fingerling potatoes, because they can endure the numerous cooking processes.

 Most recipes recommend peeling and finely slicing potatoes for any starch. You may discover recipes with the skin on, so pick one that suits your taste.

Parboil potatoes with herbs like thyme and spices like salt, pepper, and garlic powder after prepping them. Half-parboiling potatoes keeps them tender for the following stage. Braising potatoes in butter for a few minutes after parboiling gives them the right crispiness.

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