Cheapest Dog Breeds in the World

Friendly Boston Terriers don't shed, bark much, and are easy to train. Small, apartment-friendly size and modest daily exercise requirements, which can be reached with a lengthy stroll, make them suitable for city living.

Border Collie puppies are affordable and small enough to not eat you. Active larger Border Collies need a lot of food

Big eyes can irritate, so flush them with saline when redness appears.

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Border Collies need twice-weekly brushing due to their double coat. Professional grooming is optional. Long-lived dogs are more likely to have cancer.

The name American Hairless Terriers belies their short coats. Whether hairless or not, these dogs need only a weekly brushing and should be kept out of the sun to avoid sunburns. Also, they struggle in cold temperatures

They're healthy and rarely have skin issues. Due to their size, they only need one cup of food every day and are active. These dogs can be hard to find depending on region.

Short-coated American Hairless Terriers exist. These dogs, hairless or not, need only weekly grooming and should avoid extreme sun exposure. Cold weather challenges them.

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