Chocolate Cake Gets Volume From Vinegar

Vinegar chocolate cake, like sauerkraut chocolate cake with cocoa and fermented cabbage, sounds odd.

World War II food shortages led to numerous intriguing ingredient changes, such adding vinegar to cake mixes. People substituted vinegar for vital baking ingredients since it was cheaper and simpler to get and produced comparable effects.

What does this vinegar method work? Do you recall the science fair baking soda volcano? It's similar, however this experiment produces chocolate lava cake instead of lava.

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When acid and baking soda interact, carbon dioxide bubbles are released into the batter. With vinegar adding fluffiness to the leavening ingredient, these bubbles form a light, airy cake.

Vinegar stabilizes cake batter by providing acidity to set flour proteins during baking. Your cake will be fluffy and moist.

Add 2 teaspoons of distilled white vinegar to your cake mix, adjusting for eggs and baking soda, to produce a moist masterpiece.

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