Christmas Eve Casseroles for Many

Christmas Eve dinner is a fantastic time to serve the family something creamy and soothing. This recipe uses low-fat milk and less butter, but it's still so wonderful that no one will notice.

Want some hearty Christmas chili with cornbread? This hybrid casserole blends crumbly topping with canned chili, chopped veggies, creamed corn, and heaps of cheddar cheese.

You had us at burrata. This unique eggplant parmesan recipe blends melt-in-your-mouth Italian cheese with sliced eggplant and sweet pumpkin puree for a delicious trinity of flavors and textures.

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This tuna noodle dish is quick, cheap, and delicious. Acidic tomatoes balance the dish's richness, and potato chips add crunch.

This quick casserole would be a wonderful Christmas Eve side. It's full of loaded baked potato goodness and ready in an hour.

It tastes like Italian chicken parmesan despite its appearance! After cooking the spaghetti and breading the chicken, add it to a baking dish with the remaining ingredients.

In this delicious casserole chicken pot pie, handmade cheddar biscuits replace puff pastry. This warm meal can be made in 40 minutes with frozen veggies and rotisserie chicken.

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