Nails Help Bake Potatoes Faster and Fluffier

Abaked potato is one of the most warming dishes, but you may not have an hour to wait to prepare it. Innovative baked potato aficionados have found several ways to speed up the process, including utilizing the microwave, which cuts cooking time by almost 50%.

 Microwaves destroy texture, so you'll bake microwaved potatoes to crisp their skin.

Potato nails are designed to cook potatoes faster and make them fluffy and pillowy. Baked potato nails are stainless steel or aluminum skewers with a spike and a thin coin-shaped stopper. 

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Aluminum is a superior heat conductor than stainless steel, therefore potato nails cut oven baking time by 7–11 minutes. The real charm is in the texture: the peel is malleable but hard, while the interior is light, airy, and fluffy.

Potato nail sets are available online and at Home Depot. Kitchen-safe utensils won't leach metal into potatoes. Without potato nails, you may use metal skewers for grilling meats and veggies.

In every baked potato recipe, the first step is to poke holes in the potato to let steam from the potato's water content escape and prevent it from exploding. Insert the nail so the coin stopper is flush with the potato peel. For heat conduction, several recipes demand two or more nails into the potato.

The nail-impaled potato should bake at 400°F for 40 minutes. Cooking durations and texture depend on potato size, altitude, and convection or conventional oven. Olive oil and coarse salt help make skin crispy and delicious.

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