Christmas soups for winter warmth

Pozole, a hearty comfort cuisine with pork shoulder, hominy, and spice, is flavorful. This stew is perfect for feeding a Christmas dinner throng or warming up in winter.

Steak au poivre is a French classic typically made with filet mignon or sirloin steak covered in a creamy, peppery sauce. The sauce is downright drinkable, so we thought—let’s soup-ify it! 

A creamy broth made with Tuscany-inspired pasta, Parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, kale, and basil enhances chicken soup. This delicious, festive soup serves a multitude and is perfect for any occasion.

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Love Philly cheesesteaks? Us too! We'd never condemn you for buying a lot for Christmas dinner, but why not make a festive, hearty soup? Family will flip over these bread bowls.

The most cozy dinner ever combines shredded chicken and fluffy handmade dumplings (or biscuits). Want to simplify more? Instead, make our Crockpot chicken and dumplings.

We made French onion soup even better by adding gnocchi instead of bread and croutons.

This zuppa di pesce recipe will make you feel like you're eating on the Adriatic. This stewy seafood dish is lovely and soothing, a staple of Italian-American feasts of the seven fishes.

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