Common Cat Myths

Many consider black cats unlucky. Folklore from numerous cultures depicts black cats as ominous omens. Some traditions say black cats are witches' sidekicks or reincarnations. A black cat on your path is said to bring ill luck.

Cats are thought to loathe water. Experts say this is because cats' fur takes a long time to dry, keeping them moist, chilly, and heavy. Some owners have even used spray bottles to discipline disobedient cats.

Common cat misconceptions include that they aren't loving and detest people. Many movies, TV programs, and society portray cats as frigid, unloving creatures who loathe people. Cats are often thought to prefer solitude to their owners.

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Cats frequently fall on their feet, but not always. The little animal has a “righting reflex” that helps them land on their paws instead on their sides or back. They also have flexible backbones and vestibular equipment in their ears for balance. 

Cats purr often. We assume cats feel comfortable and satisfied when they purr. These are common, especially if your pet is curled up and cozy. In addition, cats purr for additional reasons.

This is probably the most obvious myth, yet its concepts are essential. Cats, like everyone else, have one life. Its origin is uncertain, however beliefs that cats are reincarnated witches or deities undoubtedly led to this belief. 

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