Common Plants Are Pet-Toxic

We all desire attractive plants and flowers to brighten our mood and decorate our kitchen or living area.

These beautiful flowers are popular for weddings and gardening. Your animals can suffer serious renal damage from even a small quantity. Better to keep these lovely plants apart.

In subtropical climates, this palm shades numerous tiny animals. Ingesting any part of the plant, especially seeds and nuts, can induce drooling, central nervous system suppression, and heart problems.

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Beautiful yet poisonous grayanotoxin-containing plants. This toxin can induce diarrhea, CNS depression, vomiting, weakness, and drooling in animals. Coma or death from cardiovascular collapse can result.

This lovely flowered plant can induce GI tract inflammation, hypothermia, irregular heart function, and death due to cardiac glycosides.

Ricin poisons pets that eat castor bean plant parts, causing various health problems. Severe stomach discomfort, vomiting, increased thirst, drooling, weakness, and appetite loss are poisoning symptoms.

Named after the venom that makes animals sick, Cyclamen can cause severe GI discomfort and vomiting. Only seldom may death occur. 

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