Christmas Appetizers for the Best Holiday Dinner

This shrimp cocktail-inspired dinner party dish takes less than 30 minutes to make.

A pretty and delicious antipasto Christmas tree speaks hostess best. This delicious food sculpture will satisfy your Christmas party guests and help you decorate.

Stuffed baby bella mushrooms with garlic, herbs, and cheese... What could be better? Fill them ahead of time and bake when ready!

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Bacon-wrapped scallops impress guests but are easy to make (5 ingredients).

This dip is ideal for holiday parties and the greatest way to use homemade cranberry sauce! In the absence of such, canned works. Just use entire berries.

These platter-friendly two-bite beauties blend the deliciousness of a crab cake and the crisp-chewy texture of your favorite takeout side.

 The creamiest savory dip ever contains smoked salmon, spicy horseradish, vibrant lemon, and finely chopped dill in cream cheese and Greek yogurt.

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