Creamiest Chicken Dinners That Define Comfort

This creamy mustard chicken recipe will captivate you. Outstanding classic French dish

Chicken Mushroom Stroganoff is the perfect one-pot dish that'll be done in under 30 minutes to provide you a tasty meal without spending all day in the kitchen.

Pumpkin Chicken Curry is bite-sized chicken breasts cooked in a creamy canned pumpkin sauce. This flavorful one-skillet recipe is excellent for a fall supper.

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This quick Chicken Risotto is creamy, tasty, and a healthy one-dish dinner the whole family will love.

Ground chicken, rice, and spices are lightly seared and baked in a creamy mustard sauce in these baked mustard chicken meatballs

Chicken Satsivi is a Georgian national dish of tender chicken coated in a decadent and creamy Walnut Garlic Sauce. It's a crowd-pleasing comfort food perfect for family dinners or holidays 

Creamy Chicken and Asparagus takes 30 minutes and only one pan! It's a tasty, quick lunch that won't sacrifice flavor.

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