Creating Jelly Nail Designs for Hands That Appear to Be Younger 

In addition to their lack of sheen, they are prone to bending and tearing with just one mistake. 

And then there are the ridges and dents that begin to appear on your nails, which really detract from their overall appearance. 

Jelly nail designs are a simple option that provides a solution to both sets of concerns. 

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Not only will the shiny polish trend, which gives the impression that you have painted petroleum jelly onto your nails,  

conceal dry and cracked nails, but it will also make your nails appear smooth, moisturized, and dewy. 

The term "jelly nails" refers to a style in nail art that began to gain popularity at the beginning of 2018, and it is so appealing that it constantly makes a comeback.  

The word "jelly" refers to the translucent, see-through, and typically brightly colored appearance of the nails,  

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