Common Errors in Cat Grooming Committed by Pet Owners

First, begin early. If you just adopted kittens, educate them that grooming is safe and pleasant. Introduce the technique cautiously and praise and reward accordingly.

Avoid making your cat dread the brush. Cat parents can ruin early grooming experiences. 

It's a myth that you can brush your cat sometimes. You should brush your typical short-haired cat at least twice a week.

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You may use cat-specific clippers to remove matted fur from your cat. Avoid picking up household scissors, which might hurt you.

There are several brushes at your local pet store for a purpose. varied cats with varied hair lengths need different brushes.

Make sure your cat enjoys grooming. You wouldn't pet your cat against the grain, so brush with the hair flow.

It's unrelated to looks. "They got their name, Ragdoll, mainly because of their relaxing and laid-back personalities," reports Lauren Tan of Doll Villa Ragdoll Cattery.

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